ChiroDuo and James Scott Farrin Partnership

ChiroDuo has attracted the attention of many individuals and companies alike. The mobile clinicmodel allows the providers of ChiroDuo to offer services in a more convenient and accessible manner.

Recently, a partnership was formed between the law offices of James Scott Farrin and ChiroDuo. As a part of the Fair Care Program, individuals who are involved in a car accident, especially those who speak Spanish as a first language, are referred to ChiroDuo.

Unfortunately, many times, our hispanic brothers and sisters are not given the option to be treated by doctors who speak their language and understand their culture. This can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding as to what their chief complaints are and how they are progressing under care.

Thankfully, the linguistic and cultural divide is not a barrier to receiving care in ChiroDuo. Furthermore, if the individual involved in the motor vehicle accident is left without transportation, the mobile clinics of ChiroDuo are able to bring the care directly to the workplace or neighborhood of their patients.
Breaking down barriers to health care is what ChiroDuo’s mission is all about!

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