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There are two main reasons why many Americans today lack initiatives to properly implement self-care measures. #1 is time, and #2 is convenience.

Waiting in traffic and doctors offices can be time consuming and frustrating. These barriers are becoming more apparent as our society becomes more focused on results in the here and now.

Organizations across the United States have taken this reality into consideration. Large employers such as Cisco, Google and SAS have employed on-site wellness strategies such as massage, yoga and chiropractic care.

Health care strategies such as these have helped to boost culture, employee morale and overall wellness within the workplace.


What can be most bothersome about seeking relief from everyday low back and neck pain is taking time out of your busy schedule to actually show up to the doctor’s office.

If you find that visiting a chiropractor can be cumbersome and inconvenient, rest assured in knowing that we provide the service right where you live or work.

A fully mobile experience, ChiroDuo is able to either:

1.) set up a fully integrated service inside of your building or

2.) provide an on-site wellness team in a professionally equipped mobile clinic.


Along with routine chiropractic care, we also provide soft tissue therapy including percussion massage with state-of-the-art instruments as well as kinesio-taping for decreased pain and faster results. There is now no excuse for sending your workers to outside providers for relief that they are able to obtain on-site in the workplace!