Auto Accident

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your situation and the nature of your care, you may opt to be treated in our office location, in the established weekend locations of our mobile clinics, or through our house call mobile model.

If you were not at fault, insurance companies usually cover all of the services that are rendered.

The short answer is it depends. Many policies have a portion called Medpay which may cover care related to an auto injury regardless of who was at fault.

No. There are laws in place to prevent your insurance premiums from increasing due to the use of Medpay.

No. It is best to get you scheduled and evaluated as soon as possible. We’ll help you obtain a claim number if need be.

If you suffered an injury, the sooner you’re able to start treatment the better.

Yes. They can start care, too. Your auto policy may cover their care for them.

Many patients in our practice decide to deal directly with the insurance carrier themselves. However, if you determine you would prefer to have a legal representative, we can help you with a referral.