Our Story

Our Story

ChiroDuo as a mobile chiropractic practice was originally founded in 2018 by Drs. Luis Alvarez and Samuel Feinberg.
Both founders formed a strong friendship while in chiropractic college which led them to form a business partnership.
Before they both graduated, they traveled to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to shadow a chiropractic couple who provided onsite corporate wellness services to companies such as Timberland, Sig Sauer, TurboCam, and others.
It was after this trip that our founders birthed the vision for how the profession could pave a new path into uncharted territory by bringing the service directly to the people!

Our Vision

ChiroDuo will be the primary portal of entry into health care through our mobile clinic model.

Our Mission

ChiroDuo will provide convenient and accessible mobile chiropractic care.

Common Purpose

We create and restore trust in health care by increasing the quality of life for each of our patients, one at a time.

Our Core Commitments: What makes Us,Us


Whether it’s caring for our patients or caring for one another, always seek to do the right thing. Because for us, it’ s not about who is right, it’ s about what is right.


Life changes quickly, and our mobile model is no different. We love facing new challenges, and we take pride in solving problems with innovative solutions.


Progress, not perfection. We are constantly striving for excellence. If we fall short the first time, we’ll make it work the next time.


We are not in this alone. We partner with our patients and with each other to achieve more together.


At ChiroDuo, we serve God first which enables us to care for everyone with the utmost love and respect.